Dana Cromie

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Limited Edition Prints are availible in the Shop in the Garden at UBC Botanical Garden.
Limited Edition Prints will be availible in the online store July 20.
Image 6"x6" relief printed on 10"x8" Somerset Velvet paper.
    Agastache urticifolia edition of 21
    Balsamorhiza deltoidea edition of 22
    Lotus unifoliolatus edition of 23
    Prosartes smithii edition of 23
    Trifolium cyathiferum edition of 21
6 by 6 limited edition prints
Image 10"x2" relief printed on 16"x6" Somerset Velvet paper.
    Elymus trachycaulus edition of 21
    Hordeum brachyantherum edition of 22
    Elymus glaucus edition of 22
    Carex interrupta edition of 21
1 by 5 grass limited edition prints
Image 1"x5" relief printed on 5"x7" Somerset Velvet paper.
    Ammophila aberti edition of 22
    Tariche granulosa edition of 25
1 by 5 limited edition prints
Image 2"x2" relief printed on 6"x4" Somerset Velvet paper.
    Worm edition of 20
    Lawn edition of 23
    Rizotrogus majalis edition of 23
    Plebejus saepiolus insulanus edition of 23
    Helix hedera edition of 22
    Speyeria zerene brenmerii edition of 23
    Calypte anna edition of 23
1 by 1 limited edition prints

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