Dana Cromie



New Digital Works 2016


In December 2015, I purchased my first iPad, an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, which Apple had produced specifically for artists. I started with the app, 'Brushes', which I used on my phone for several years. I soon switched to 'proCreate' which had rave reviews online. 'proCreate' is iPad specific, easy to understand, and has no ongoing costs. That said, a new tool requires experience to train the eye/hand relationship.

The iPad can go anywhere except in the open rain. Last winter, I took it to California and amongst other drawings, produce my annual Christmas orange. Earlier this summer, I used the iPad exclusively for drawing on our road trip across the US and Canada. August spent in Paris generated fifteen new digital works.

Drawing on the iPad has been a very positive experience. Most importantly, the images are created on a screen which is similar to how almost all images are viewed today. As well, there are no supplies needed; there is no space required to store finished work. Artwork is virtually filed, shared or deleted.

This spring I taught an iPad drawing workshop. One of my students was Torrie Groening, an artist I admire greatly, and a superb printer. She convinced me that these images had a life beyond the screen. Collaborating with Torrie, I now have rich saturated prints available of selected digital pieces that rival the screen images.









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